Brave New World

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The ?Brave New World? is an attempt to answer these questions. Deriving from ?here and now?, yet being aware of inevitable global breakthrough and power shifts, it communicates opportunities and solutions. 

There is no fortuity in the project. Every single piece of garment is a multicultural message. 

This combination of the future and the past (form/ fabric/ look) is to reflect the contrast and the wait for NEW. NEW originating in our past and present. The obvious and inescapable causal link. 

Presenting the figure as a kind of higher being/ mighty ?saint? gives hope for reason and protection. However, the hidden lips don?t communicate nature of the changes ? they are neither good, nor bad. 

The object intrigues and provokes questions we don?t ask every day. 

The prophetess, as we can perceive it, reflects our cogitations, hopes and fears. 

Project for World of WearableArt Competition 2015/ Winner of First Time Entrant Awards/ Ewelina Kosmal.

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