Resort 2015

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Collection 005 - 2015 S/S

Simple forms, beautiful colours and a surprising session. Sports classics performed by Kosmal label is purely summer energy. The new collection of Ewelina Kosmal is in the shops. The designer carries on keeping to her vision of a modern and active woman, offering a fairly light connection of a sports silhouette with a classic elegance split by futuristic cuts which have become a personal autoghraph of the designer. The collection fits into modern trends in fasion using sports style, shimmering fabrics, simple forms and bright colours; turquoise, emerald and mint green, powder pink, classical navy blue and black. 

The key to the collection lies in activeness, power and individuality. The perfect quality of the clothes gives a guarantee of comfort, which becomes extremely important in the summer. There are dresses, tops, jackets and shorts in the present collection. All these make it universal, give a freedom of matching and play with the clothes, adding accessories depending on the mood, time of the day and occasion. "Cosmos - because they are as always futuristic, holidays - because its your free time and freedom  meant for work and outside it. In the spring and summer we can let ourselves more of the fashion, more colours, comfort and sporty chic."

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