Collection ITERUM

ITERUM collection
It was the beginning of the 90-s. The infant of capitalism was just crawling in Poland but managed to flood it with cheap second hand clothes overproduced in Western Europe. People there did not need them any more. I still remember a day in a charity shop in a small town. It was never called a charity shop. It was a second hand clothes shop, everybody knew that name. Well, it was a place with piles of clothes into which you could dive. I remember my trophy: a beautiful perfectly taylored black coat. And it was my first contact with  recycling in the world of fashion. Then, I was completely unaware of it. But when I looked at the pile of unused fabrics from my old collections a few months ago, that day suddenly came back to my mind.  It became a meaningful memory. I asked myself, ”Do we have to look for something completely new in fashion all the time? Can’t environment protection and fashion go hand in hand?”
That is how INTERUM came (Latin word for “again”) - a concept of making new quality through a collage of what has already been created. I have combined fabrics from two sources: remains of the fabrics used in my previous collections and pieces of second hand clothes found in charity shops. The collection is unique in this way as you can never find the same fabrics again.

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